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Rebirth \ Renaissance

These past few weeks have been really good. So good that I feel as if I am living in a dream. So good that when I ride my bike home and when I’m sure there are no cars besides me I belt out the lyric from a favorite song.

Three little birds, sat on my window and they told me I don’t need to worry.

 I come home and I’m full of energy, I listen to music and clean up a bit then settle down to complete any outstanding assignments. I’m motivated to prepare a healthy meal and sit and feel thankful while I drink a cup of lemon black tea. How am I so lucky? How is life so great? I want to live forever. I have so many plans of good things to do, ways I can help people. I’m really impressed with who I turned out to be. Thank you, a million times thank you.

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How to have a great life as an expat in France

I’ve been in france almost a year and I find myself reflecting on this time and smiling at how everything worked out perfectly in the end. Exactly how I would have wanted it. Anybody who asks me now how is life in france I’d reply ‘it’s so good. It’s so soo good.’ But it would be a bit dishonest because

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Dating in France: on Chivalry and Equality.

I’ve only ever dated in America. And in my experience, when  a man asks me out on a date - and it is always the man doing the asking, it goes without saying that he plans it (with my input of course) and then when the time comes, he pays for it. This is a given, there’s no discussion or confusion.

So imagine my shock and horror when

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