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The Joy of Sharing

One of my most vivid positive childhood memories was of the day I discovered the joy of sharing.

I was 5 or 6 years old and had to get a routine immunization shot. Usually I got them the same time as at least one sister but this time for some reason it was just me. My father took me to the clinic in the afternoon just when a lot of cars started appearing on the road. It was the time of day when it seemed as if everyone suddenly realized they had somewhere to go.

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A quest for perfect-ish skin

When I was 13 I woke up one morning with several bumps scattered on my temples and a couple more along my jaw line. The beginning of the plague of acne that would usher me through my teenage years. I endured this curse while trying all manner of potions which refused to work. And all the while, looking forward to the day when, no longer an adolescent, my sufferance would be rewarded in the form of flawless skin. Alas,

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