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The Joy of Sharing

One of my most vivid positive childhood memories was of the day I discovered the joy of sharing.

I was 5 or 6 years old and had to get a routine immunization shot. Usually I got them the same time as at least one sister but this time for some reason it was just me. My father took me to the clinic in the afternoon just when a lot of cars started appearing on the road. It was the time of day when it seemed as if everyone suddenly realized they had somewhere to go.

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Finding strength on Mt. Batur - Bali, Indonesia

I had to be ready at 2am for the pickup. It would be almost a 2 hour drive and we needed ample time to trek up the mountains and make it to the summit by sunrise. I didn’t have any idea what to expect -  a last minute decision I had no time for the usual google research prep. The only thing I anticipated was being cold. I did have one sweatshirt stuffed in my suitcase packed away after being worn just for the plane trip from LA. I retrieved it and pulled it on over my t-shirt, stuffed my cotton scarf, a bottle of water and a pack of cookies into my backpack and walked from my room into the dark and quiet night. Using the flashlight on my phone I made my way down the path to find my driver waiting for me at the gate with an actual flashlight and a smile . So the adventure began.

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