On knowing and loving

What does it mean to really know a person? 

Must you know everything bout them? 

Well we know that’s not possible. 

But should you try? Have them recollect all the momentous happenings to or around them, from their earliest memory?

How do you determine what events are of consequence? Where do you begin your questioning?

Is it the type of place they grew up, how their parents treated them, childhood hobbies, high school and college adventures…

Is there a certain age beyond which everything is relevant, and before which nothing matters. 

If so what age is this? 16, 21, 28? 

Is there a time in life when someone becomes who they are? Do we ever stop becoming? No. Well if we never stop becoming who we are, then can you ever really know someone?

Does it matter?

What is love?

Is it a feeling or is it an experience? 

Must you know someone before you can love them? Well, if we can never fully know someone does this mean we can never really love someone?

Is love unconditional, a myth, or is it simply ever evolving?

Does it matter?