Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco

I was never one to celebrate Holidays, but this year I decided to go out of my way and do something for Cinco de Mayo. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to eat, and how i'm always thinking about either the last meal I had, or the one I plan to have next. So, what better way to appreciate Mexican culture than a delicious brunch at what appears to be one of the finest Mexican Restaurants in San Francisco.

Nopalito, in the Sunset district, a stone’s throw from the San Francisco Botanical Gardens claims to be a sustainable organic Mexican kitchen. It did not disappoint. Early on a Saturday morning without a reservation we had to wait, but not for long. To pass the time we browsed titles at Green Apple Bookstore across the street and in about fifteen minutes our table was ready. 

It’s a small place, but not cramped. The vibe was nice. A mix of young couples with very well behaved children, other couples and groups of friends all engaged in conversation about how delicious what the meal was tasting and one woman remarked that she felt as if she was in Mexico City. She wasn’t the only one. 

We started with the Ceviche de Tiritas de pescado which was marinated fish and asparagus along with the usual additives like cilantro and onion. Delicious. The corn chips it was served with were salty and garlicky. The best. I chose the fish tacos and almost cancelled it when I learned they were on corn tortillas - but I decided to try it and it was a goo choice. Inside the corn shells which thankfully didn’t taste too strongly of corn, was a medley of seared fish, mandarin orange springs, onion, cilantro and I think there may have been small pieces of cauliflower.

These were the most flavorful tacos i’ve had to date. The portions were somewhat small and as it was the first meal of the day at 2pm we left not completely full but certainly satisfied - it was a delightful meal and a great way to appreciate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo.