Escape to the Botanical Gardens of SF

It was a Saturday afternoon and our plan was to have brunch then meander through the Golden gate park. Our restaurant was close to the entrance at the botanical gardens so that is where we started.  

The gardens are free for SF residents and $8 for regular entrance. If you are a visitor to the city it is well worth it. 

I spent several hours marveling at the multitude of plant species and was especially moved by the ancient plant garden which, indeed felt like taking a walk through prehistoric times. These were plants that made you stop and wonder...

Spanning 55 acres, there is quiet space enough for everyone. I happened upon areas that looked like caves, thick trees and bushes huddled together and leaving room for an open space where one could walk through and stand, maybe even sit and contemplate the beauty of this world. 

Families with babies in strollers, couples holding hands walking, stopping to take pictures of their findings and of each other, tourists taking pictures of everything. It was at once lively and serene. Certainly a place to visit whenever one needs to reconnect with mother nature.