Prayer: December 1st.

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.  

Please hear my cry for protection and wisdom on this first of December night. Help me not to repay evil with evil and instead hold steadfast to a kind and loving heart while maintaining my boundaries. 

Help me to stand firm in my conviction of my safety being more important than a stranger’s feelings as I await the arrival of one worker of iniquity.   

I come to you in prayer knowing that the Lord helps those who help themselves, I have done my preparations:

  • I have clothed myself in warm garments, so that I might comfortably escape into the night if it is your will.  
  • In my right jacket pocket I have placed a can of pepper spray primed for retrieval and use should the cause arise.  
  • In my back pocket is my cell phone with 911 pre-dialed so that if worse comes to worst, once I unlock my phone with my fingerprint, this unique identifying feature ye hath bestowed upon me, I can call for help forthwith.  
  • In my left jacket pocket I have placed the keys to my car which is parked out front.  

When the moment of confrontation arises, please help soften my words and my countenance. I suspect the evil-doer could fly into a rage if he perceives me to be not as he says friendly towards him as he would like.

But he is no friend of mine, and you King of Kings and Lord of Lords who knoweth all things are aware of this.

Protect me dear father in heaven from the spiritual wickedness that roameth these California streets.

Tonight I pray you help me to remember that I do not need to invite anyone into my abode that I do not want crossing my threshold.