I'm back.

Before I started this site there were many times when I had so much to say but I had nobody to have the conversation with. Other times I longed for a space where I could ask inquire, not ask questions that needed answers, but just put my wonderings out there, release them from myself. Maybe even see if there were other people who had similar concerns. 

I started this blog and in doing so discovered that the most terrifying thing a person can do is be themselves and put that self on display. To put in words how I feel, what I think and what believe and post it on the internet for anyone to see is the scariest thing I've ever done, hands down. This is probably why my list of 'draft' posts is so long because I never did work up the courage to share everything I really wanted to... 

I thought maybe I should stop writing here because the things I had to say were too personal and maybe I would come across as a narcissist.  

I thought maybe if I tried to make lifestyle posts then it would be trite and nothing different to the endless other lifestyle bloggers out there so what's the point. 

I reasoned that if I posted pictures of my fashion choices as a style blogger it would just be a display of my vanity and Buju Banton says that is the destruction of the soul so... 

After much encouragement from a loyal reader I've worked up the courage to revive this extremely neglected space. I decided I would no longer question and berate myself over posts I haven't even made yet.  

I would use my daily inspiration to guide me in content creation. I look forward to experimenting more with photography and sharing the results. To try out different forms of creative writing from short stories and poetic styles, lifestyle articles, commentary on current events and personal essays. 

Ahh, I'm back. Here's to courage and creativity in equal measure!