Bees etc.

From ever since i've known myself i've been terrified of insects - all types but bees and wasps especially. Then this summer I ended up in Indonesia and then the Australian Outback and if I was to enjoy any of it I needed to get over my fear of bugs promptly.

After the first few days in Bali I accepted that being crawled on constantly by ants and strange looking but otherwise harmless bugs, and having wasps buzzing dangerously close to my face and head was just how it would be. I gained quite a few bruises and earned some reproving looks  after accidentally crashing into walls, furniture and random people while trying to avoid the the latest critter that decided my body or hair was a good resting place.

So I sat myself down and decided that I couldn't afford to be afraid of insects anymore. They outnumbered me, were so far harmless and If I was to explore and enjoy this new land I needed to get used to all its inhabitants.

 Unidentified insect on plant in Bali, Indonesia

Unidentified insect on plant in Bali, Indonesia

I had recently started practicing and realizing the benefits of meditation and so with my newfound calm successfully retrained my mind to transcend this unwarranted fear of bugs. 

Over time the fear that turned to indifference has become slight intrigue, which I welcome as it has allowed me to get close enough to  capture this brief but amazing video of a bee dancing a little jig about the seeds of a sunflower, and I wasn't forced to do a backflip when the be buzzed from the flower right into my face.