How to job search while maintaining your sanity and social life

Wake up in the morning. Check email. Nothing but junk. Have breakfast. Check email. Random messages from mailing list you’ve unsubscribed from multiple times. Read. Work on assignment. Check email. Nothing. Close computer, unlock phone check email nothing.

This is the type of cycle you might find yourself in during a job search period which can easily be 9 months of agonizing wait. You can apply for hundreds of jobs and 5 months later get a single callback that can lead for a job while all the others might be time wasted. With this in mind, the key is to not let your job search consume your entire life, to continue living even while under the dark cloud of temporary unemployment.  

But how?

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Dating in France: on Chivalry and Equality.

I’ve only ever dated in America. And in my experience, when  a man asks me out on a date - and it is always the man doing the asking, it goes without saying that he plans it (with my input of course) and then when the time comes, he pays for it. This is a given, there’s no discussion or confusion.

So imagine my shock and horror when I moved to France and learned that here and in Europe as a whole, there’s this concept of equality where men and women are expected to pay ‘equally’ for dates

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9 Hours in Marseille

One of the easiest and most enjoyable day trips from Lyon is to Marseille. After you’ve laced your most comfortable walking shoes, take the first train from Lyon Gare Perrache at 7am and two hours later you’ll arrive at Marseille Gare Saint-Charles.

The best way to explore most cities is by wandering around with a general sense of what you might find. Marseille is no different.

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